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Control BackColor property in Windows Forms with System.Windows.Forms.Button

How can I modify the System.Windows.Forms.Button’s BackColor property in C# code? The property requires a Color object, but I get an InvalidCastException when casting the BackColor property to Color.
public void ChangeBackColor(Color bgColor)
btnBack.BackColor = bgColor;

I also tried using System.Drawing.Color.
btnBack.BackColor = Color.FromArgb(bgColor.R, bgColor.G, bgColor.B);

This didn’t work, giving the same InvalidCastException.
Is there a way to modify the BackColor property of the System.Windows.Forms.Button in C#?


I’m not sure if you can access the BackColor from the control that contains it, but you might be able to use the base property directly if you know it’s available:
btnBack.BackColor = base.BackColor;


I realize this question has already been answered, but it seems the accepted answer is not correct as it only works on some buttons, it seems to fail for button controls that have been created with the designer. For example, calling the method on a button control that has been created using the designer would throw an exception.
Actually trying to set it directly, the property requires an object that implements IConvertible so you can try something like this.


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